Our Mission Help Poor People

The Kevin VanDam Foundation is an extension of Kevin and Sherry VanDam’s (KVD’s) continuing commitment to charitable work and contributions that benefit children and spread a love and appreciation of nature and outdoor environments and waterways. All while maintaining good health and gaining tools and opportunity to excel, grow strong and enjoy nature.

This is accomplished through charities that support outdoor experiences and opportunities. Staying focused on youth, and our mission to leave the great outdoors in a better condition than that which we’ve found it — while helping the next generation find a true love an appreciation for the great outdoors.

100% of funds donated to The Kevin VanDam Foundation go directly to these worthy charities.


Our Mission

“Kevin VanDam Foundation Mission

  • Help pediatric departments within hospitals across the country
  • Maintain clean waterways and the great outdoors through conservation efforts

Introduce the joy of fishing to a new generation of youth of all ages and abilities”

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